Living the Dream

Well in about 5 minutes, this blog post, and this website will be live. The website and the products featured have been created over many hours, of tedious and time consuming challenges. The Adventure Therapy Project may fail, may fail badly. What makes that okay, is that we know we have done the absolute best job we could and the message behind The Adventure Therapy Project is one that needs to be heard and shared. 

So while you have a gander and have a read, please any suggestions, comments, concerns please share them. We pride ourselves in being good listeners and understanding that everybody's voice has value in success, so please reach out and contact us via message or email @

Lastly before I hit the publish button, there are so many people that have made The Adventure Therapy Project happen. Huge contributions and smaller ones, we are grateful for all the help, praise and support we have been given. I would list them all but there is not enough time, so to everybody we say THANKS!!!