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We hear about it everyday, we are all unhealthy. We eat too much fast food, we don't exercise enough, mankind as we know it is doomed. On top of that we have a mental health crisis on our hands. People medicate or self medicate to survive each day. 

This isn't just an adult problem. The youth of today live in the same peril adults do. Struggling physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Youth today are more obese, face more health issues, are less happy, and struggle with mental health issues more than previous generations. 

So what is wrong, what can be done, where is the answer? I had always been active, playing organized sports, working out in a gym, but as I got older those opportunities weren't as easily accessible living in a rural area. I also had no desire to run on my treadmill (I refer to it as a dreadmill) for an hour, as it was mind numbing. So I took up trail running and got my kids into hiking. Not only did I notice physically I felt better, but I was legitimately happier after getting out into nature. Through my job I am tasked with working with youth in the schools. I was typically working with groups of students who struggled in the classroom setting. I began taking small groups and introducing them to new activities like geocaching, hiking, tag in the woods, biking, building forts, treasure hunts. The results were SCARY. 

These youth had fun, worked well together and had no idea they were being physically active. The teachers noted they were much more attentive in class after our activities, had less issues in the classroom. And that is when I had the moment, when I realized what kids are missing and adults........Adventure!!!

Adventure is what we want it to be. It can be hiking, biking, running, camping, kayaking, building forts. Adventure is an inclusive activity that anybody at any age can do. Getting into nature has been proven to make people happier, even in the small doses. Participating in challenging activities, not just physically but mentally, have also been proven to boost overall happiness.

The Adventure Therapy Project was created to bring awareness to mental and physical benefits of chasing adventure. The Adventure Therapy's clothing line will create awareness and will also support the next goal of the company. The Adventure Therapy Project will be designing, organizing and putting on programming that will get people, young and old, to be Adventurous in nature.

On top of that each purchase of Adventure Therapy Project apparel or programs, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association and their work to support people in living healthier, better and more adventurous lives. 

Please check out our Social Media sites and share your stories of Adventure. Climb that mountain, camp under the stars and see how good it will make you feel.

Escape the Ordinary!!!

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