Who We Are

Life is about much more than money and retirement. Everybody only has so much time on this earth, and "The Project" was really born out of a desire to pursue our passions and share with the world our belief that many of people's difficulties can be made better by getting outside and being active in nature. We especially feel it is important for kids to get back to being outside, being more active and social through adventure. We have seen the positive effect that nature and adventure has had in our own lives as well as for our own kids and the kids we work with. It can be sometimes frustrating to see ad campaigns and constant reminders about how mental and physical health is so important, yet very rarely are there solutions provided or suggested to help. We want to bridge that gap or provide a cheap and accessible way to better take care of yourself and your family. 

The people behind the Adventure Therapy Project:

Ashley Hudson, "The Brains"

Ashley has been teaching for over a decade, working with elementary students in the classroom and providing one-on-one support. Ashley is a mom of two wonderful, yet strong willed girls (age 7 and 3). Ashley is organized, creative and innovative. Ashley has a passion for helping others, fighting for the underdog and helping people find positive and fun ways to be both mentally, emotionally and physically well. This passion is why a fundamental part of the Adventure Therapy Project is spreading our message, giving back to others that help people and creating programs that are accessible to all! 


Mike Hudson, "The Dreamer"

Mike has worked with kids for over a decade. He began working with youth in a small options group home, and recently began working as a Community Outreach Worker in the school system. Mike has also coached high school boys' basketball for over a decade and loves to help others challenge themselves both physically and mentally. Mike actively chases adventure and pushes to test his limits in nature, participating in many long distance trail running races. Mike is a father to two wonderful, yet strong willed girls (age 7 and 3). Mike gets out into nature to find balance, perspective and to recharge. "There aren't too many problem that some fresh air can't fix".

Matt Hudson, "The Quiet Helper"

Matt is a bit shy, you probably won't ever see him in any photos. But Matt is an integral part of the process. He has helped bring this idea to life and works behind the scenes to make things run smoothly. Matt currently works at Acadia University and is always up for a crazy adventure or a camping trip. Matt hopped aboard "The Project" to challenge himself to rediscover his love of nature that he shared with his brother, Mike, as a kid. 

We have many other people that have helped bring this idea to life. Many more people will likely help along the way. The Adventure Therapy Project is not a "get rich" scheme. It is a passion that we all feel strongly about and want to share with the rest of you.

Thanks for checking us out!!!

The Adventure Therapy Project